Standard grooming protocol:

  • Book an appointment to avoid disappointment.
  • Fill in the forms so that we know the history and any particular detail that you request.
  • A once over check to ensure there are no irregularities such as moles or warts or sores.
  • Pre-groom to remove dead fur and matting.
  • 2 x shampoos to ensure a sparkly outcome.
  • Long coats get a conditioning rinse.
  • Towel dried.
  • Blower dried.
  • Brushed till all knots are out.
  • Ears cleaned
  • Paws trimmed, nails trimmed
  • Clipping where needed.
  • Scissoring where needed.
  • A professional style to suit your lifestyle.
  • We will text/call you when complete.


We all lead busy lives these days and time is scarce. Knots hurt! So rather choose a shorter style if you don’t have tons of time to maintain daily. Your Fur kids coat can be kept shorter, which makes your job easier and your pet happier! (It’s a win win!)

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