Why leave the furkid at home where he gets bored and in turn destroys your house and garden…

Beautify The Beast Spa and daycare offers experienced hands on daycare for your furkids. They will play, socialize and have fun all day long so that when you collect them they will be tired and more manageable and you don’t have to find more time to entertain him. A 20-30 minute walk around the property is also part of the deal. It’s a safe and friendly environment to leave your fur kids while at work. Day Care is suitable for puppies over 3 months to older dogs that just want a day out! Day care is mentally and physically stimulating. Some dogs will come once a week and others 5 days a week all depending on your needs. The dogs will be introduced to a suitable group of dogs to a maximum of 10 dogs in an area. They have toys, water and shelter from heat and rainy weather.

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